Monday, September 9, 2013

a peek into my little photo editing world...

in my eyes, editing a photo for instagram (@misskaitblog) is fun...sometimes it's funny how much time i spend editing a photo before i post it anywhere. and does it REALLY matter? no not really. but if you care and love it as much as i do, hopefully you will find this post delightful! 
the majority of my editing is done on the 3 apps you see above: VSCOcam is great for adding unique filters to your photos. and there are around 30+ filters to choose from...crazy, right? -- A BeautifulMess is great for adding text and like out of this world cute doodles and phrases. it also has some pretty cool borders like dots, flowers and hearts -- PicLab is my favorite app for really rad borders & it's great from adding text as well. 
i could go on and on about each app individually but then you'd be reading a journal...hehe so tweet me  @misskaitblog if there's something else you're dying to know about iPhone editing(: and i posted some of my favorite photos i edited myself!

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all of these apps are available in iTunes!
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oomph. said...

cool apps! i'll have to check out the 1st and 3rd...thanks~

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kirsticorrea said...

Check out Studio Design (green plus sign with arrow)!
I use the apps you listed above, but I absolutely love Studio!


Margaret said...

Nice guide, thank you! I have not so much information about editing.. I only use recommendations from for editing photos...