Monday, November 19, 2012

insta outfit update

woohoo time for a instagram outfit update. clothes clothes clothes, i just can't ever get enough clothes. i think planning out what i'm going to wear 'tomorrow' is the favorite part of my day. do you ladies pick out your look the night before? haha being in school...i try to get as much sleep as i can and knowing me, choosing my outfit could take anywhere from 5 mins to 3 hours. (and no i'm not joking) 
on a totally different note...who is loving the plethora of early christmas music? I AM! christmas music never fails to put me in a happy mood, so sitting in traffic should be a lot more relaxing now that christmas music can accompany me on my drive. (jumping for joy) 

ps. my turtles are snoring right now...and to be honest i didn't know turtles snored.
excuse all these totally weird random's getting late and i should really be asleep haha

xo kaitlin