Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy Little Intern

YES YES YES, I am now a proud Intern of Fashionably Marketing Me!!!
Can you believe it? Because I still have to pinch myself every time I think about how lucky I am and how blessed I am to be given such an amazing opportunity.  Like I said hard work most definitely pays off because well look at where it has gotten me...
So as an intern I am currently writing articles for the company.  I absolutely love every bit of it! Honestly, at first I was pretty nervous because well I have never been a good writer and don't consider any of my writing skills "special" or "great," but I guess they have to be pretty good. haha
But besides that I thought I would post the links to some of the articles that I wrote and are posted on the website :)

Designer Discovery: Sedgwick Handbags Inspired by Southwestern Deserts
Traditional Home And Lonny Magazine Become One
Wanna Go To The Beauty Department With Lauren Conrad?
Auction Site The SOC Exchange Tells eBay To "Bring It!"
All by ME!
Or visit my author page!
Author Page

Obviously as I keep writing, more and more articles will be posted.  So if you are interested in reading more of my articles or some of the amazing writers that work for the company you can follow me on Twitter at @kaitlin4879 where I will post links to more of the awesome articles.
So that's the update for now and besides working my butt off getting all of my finals done in the next two weeks.  I can finally say that Summer really is right around the corner!
Well hope everyone has a great Easter<3