Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Finds!

So I mean I don't want to be the typical fashion blogger and blog about what I have in my closet or what are the most popular trends that are out right now.  Well, because you can all get that on the internet!   BUT I did some shopping on my college budget and am super excited about the things I found!
So yeah I'm gonna share them with you all, but one thing you should keep in mind is that I don't follow the whole seasons thing like jeans are not "in" for summer or scarfs are only for winter because it's so not true.  I dress how I want :)

A statement color nail polish :)

A floppy hat, always in and plus keeps the fare skin healthy

A long dress, perfect for summer, spring, fall, winter and its comfy too!

A pair of denim high waisted flared jeans, these without a doubt are my favorite!
I definitely bought more but these were my favorites for sure! Besides my shopping adventure I'm at home dog sitting for my family and almost died yesterday while walking the pups.  Wonder why or how? Well I was chased by a hive of bees, and no I'm not exaggerating, funny right.  I'm pretty sure I looked ridiculous running down the street with my dogs.
Well, the school year is almost over and wow my first year of college is done, thats crazy to me! But it was amazing and I learned so much it's insane.  I can't wait for the summer it is going to be a blast :)
Life is good and I'm happier then ever.



The Short Girl said...

I want that floppy hat from Forever 21 soooo bad! Great post!

Diary of a Short Girl

MissKait said...

I know, isn't it adorable!