Saturday, August 17, 2013

a day at the fair

what's a summer complete without a trip to the fair?'s not. i love going to the fair for obvious reasons like the kiddy atmosphere, the overly fried food, the weird booths, the cute animals and etc. but it's become a tradition for my man and i every summer! this year i unfortunately had my wisdom teeth out that week so i was a little sore but i still made the best of it. and how sweet is that stuffed animal my stud of a man won for me...darling right? 
on the fashion side, i tried to find a look that would be comfortable and warm if it got a little chilly (which it didn' was soooo hot) also, i have been totally in love with american eagle jeans. they are like wearing leggings, and i'm not kidding! these bad boys were on sale for 16$ woohooo
have a great rest of your day!
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outfit details:
sunglasses: BP Nordstrom  - shirt: kohls - jeans: american eagle - shoes: salt water sandals


Amanda {} said...

love your pics! how fun! didn't get a chance to go this year!!


john said...

دانلود آهنگ
محسن ابراهیم زاده
آرون افشار
علیرضا طلیسچی

John said...

love your pics! how fun! didn't get a chance to go this year!! هوروش باند

پازل باند

Anonymous said...

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