Wednesday, October 3, 2012

iPhone Essential: Brit+Co

some of you who follow me via twitter and facebook may know that my latest iphone obsession is major OBSESSION. it's like pinterest but way easier to use and so much more fun. starter Brit Morin seriously knows how to keep people excited, i mean almost every day she posts at least 3 new ideas, recipes, funnies, styles or DIYs. 
i love it because the things she posts are just so simple yet so cool and amazing. it's like, "omg why didn't i think of that?" she has an iphone and ipad app and a website too. i love it especially because my man phillip is always reading the news on his iphone so i find myself just bored...but thanks to Brit+Co i am now thoroughly mesmerized. 
so it will thank me later(;

xo millions of kisses,