Friday, August 31, 2012

flirting in kustom flats

what i wore?
shirt: nordstrom shorts: forever21
cuff: lucky brand shoes: kustom footwear
okay, so let's talk comfort. you have no idea how amazing these Kustom shoes no idea. here let me give you an idea! so you know when you go to mattress stores and walk around and feel how comfy all the tempurpedic mattresses are? yeah, okay so imagine that piece of heaven shrunk into little shoes...sounds amazing right! these little oxfords are so blissful, i think another thing that makes them so comfy is they are really light and airy (totally perfect for hot summer days) i was also given so ridiculously comfortable flip-flops which i will post about soon! 
but i wore these shoesies to school this week because i was gonna be doing lots of walking around campus. it was a brilliant idea because not only were they light and airy but they totally added to this california preppy outfit i decided to wear!

check out Kustom Footwear for guys and girls on:
twitter: @KustomFootUSA
instagram: @KustomFootUSA

xo much love and hugs,


Elisha said...

How cuuuutee! I love your new design. :)

InĂªs de Castro said...

I love the shorts :)

Unknown said...

very cute!


cute outfit, love the shorts

♥ Ellen

Jonna said...

oooh! i love those flats! that's so cool!!

Amanda {} said...

such a fun look! I love the print as a top mixed with the red shorts! and the shoes are so comfy cute!
Also....thanks for the shout out on Twitter are the SWEETEST!! I hope you're doing well!


The Key To Chic said...

Comfy shoes can make your day so much better! Hope you had a great weekend!

C. Belvin said...

nice look!