Friday, December 17, 2010

Home For the Holidays?

It feels like it has been forever since my last blog post, but I have been so surprisingly busy with the Nutcracker, wrapping, shopping, helping around the house and much more.  As some of you may know the SBT Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker was last weekend and it was absolutely amazing! I wish you could have all gone and seen it.  The girls and boys did fantastic and it was one show that I honestly know will be remembered for quite a long time. :)
Everyone did so great, and it was definitely hard not being able to dance in it this year.  But I must say I got to see the show in a very different perspective which was helping out backstage and being the "photographer" of the show, if I may say!  This year the show was full of love and dedication and you could see it in all of the dancers eyes hearts that they were there performing because that is what they love to do.  The choreographers did amazing this year and I can't stress enough the beauty and passion of the dancing done on stage.  I also was able to help with hair, make-up, icing injuries :(, and last minute costuming(more like rhine-stoning, hand sewing, gluing, and safety pinning).  Let me just say I don't know why "SAFETY" pins are called "SAFETY" pins because those things are dangerous!
Well, all in all it was a great experience! Below are some of the amazing pictures of the dancers doing what they do best! :)

Clara(Mary Crum) & Nutcracker(Isaac Lai) 
Clara(Mary Crum) & Party Girls & Boy
Snow Queen(Kelsie Mattingly) & Snow Flakes(SBT Corps de Ballet)
Barbie Doll(Kelsie Mattingly) dancing with French Doll(Sarah Mann)

Nutcracker(Isaac Lai) & Mouse Queen(Kristen Kovaletz) 
Snow Queen(Kelsie Mattingly) greeting Rose Queen(Sarah Mann)
French Doll(Sarah Mann)
Snow Queen(Kelsie Mattingly) 

Arabian Princess(Ava Rosenfeld) with partner(Ken)

Arabian(Ken & Maddy Harvey)

Rose Queen(Sarah Mann)

Rose Queen(Sarah Mann)
Sugar Plum Fairy(Ava Rosenfeld) & Cavalier(Ken)
Sugar Plum Fairy(Ava Rosenfeld) & Cavalier(Ken)

Also, I finally after 4 long months of waiting got to see one of my best friends Carolina! She came home from the University of Alabama for winter break!  I get to see her for a month, which is great and I can spend the holidays with her!
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures! I mean the dancers are pretty amazing, and I was lucky to be able to catch them at their best! Thanks for reading, and I promise there will be lots to come!
Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

looks fantastic

Angelica Ng said...

Ballet is such a beautiful art, and it appeals to us fashion lovers too because of the amazing outfits!

Josephine said...

looks fantastic

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