Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Where I Belong...

I can't believe it I got a "perfect A+" on my Fashion Marketing final and those were the exact words of my teacher a perfect A+....I about had a heart-attack.  I'm not one to brag yet, I don't consider this bragging.  I think I have the right to be a little excited!!!!
Now I'm sure you are all wondering well what was this project she speaks of?
Well, we had to come up with 4 color trends for Fall/Winter 2012 and we could choose between Young Missy, Mens, or I chose Home of course because I wanted to be different.  It was actually based off one of my Professors clients Design Options.  Along with all of the brochures we had to write a 9 page paper to go along describing where we found our inspiration and why we believed in the trend.  In the note with my grade she also asked if she could keep it because she wanted to show Design Options, I really can't believe all of this happened seems sort of unreal!
So here are some pictures of the trends and colors I chose.
This was on the front of all four of the brochures I turned in.
This trend was inspired by the Mayan culture and their art.  I chose this because of the prediction of the changes in the Mayan calendar in the year 2012.
The colors: Sapphire, Pearl White, Coal, Red Peppers, Fresh Water, and Squash
Traditional tones of warmth, creatures presenting various stories historical richness leaves inquisitive thoughts in the mind angry strong undaunted species give imagination other meanings rich ancient mastery give Mayan like art royal untamed feeling of strength.
This trend was inspired by the carefree feelings of the country and nature.  In 2012 there will be a need for people to relax and vacation from their crazy and chaotic lives full of stress and work.
The colors: Wood Cabin, Golden Corn, Fresh Clay, Blue Bird, Rusted Pipes, and Cherry Pie.
Photo Credit: Me
Spacious open loose land leave thoughts of home, rustic pieces of art variety of assorted textures smooth handcrafted clays transformed through art worn and aged woods present numerous old stories let minds run free, rusted caramel tones suggest natures royalty and importance 
This trend was inspired by the natural and organic change in cultures.  Mainly has to do with the Chinese culture and how in 2012 there will be a change is the way people relax and take time for themselves.  People will start thinking more about the health of their bodies and cherish life as it is.
The colors: Pine Tree, Mustard Seed, Cactus, Stormy Night, Sunlight, and Rain Cloud.
Photo Credit: Me
Feelings of relaxation and tranquility an empowering sense of raw nature, marble like stature appears cooling at glance or touch while gleaming rays of sunlight warm the mind leaves thoughts of composure harmony peace and freshness
This trend was inspired by the changes that will be made to our environment in 2012.  In this year almost everything made will be made with some sort of environmentally friendly product.  Some could include cars, bags, factories, homes, and many more to come.  Sustainability is growing in popularity every second and people will be working harder to make sure the products they use, the things they wear are all environmentally friendly.
The colors: Pine Cone, Ivy Leaf, Wood Chips, Soiled Dirt, Moss, and Pickled Leaves.
Photo Credit: Me
Shades of green a perception of dawn, young natural sparkling ray of bright new sunlight, aged antique fountain camouflaged in natures grace and beauty with sense of serenity leaving the mind composed calm new and at ease with the world.
These were my four different trends that I chose.  I thought I did a good job and I was so excited when I got the results!  It just goes to show that hard work really does pay off, and that I'm studying the right thing!



Maribel said...

great looking pictures the colors look real nice

Agency|163 said...

Soooo proud of you! Impressing Wendy is the first step after that you're in lol that's what happend for me last semester so keep it up and she'll love you, which means you get perks :) lol great job!

MissKait said...

thanks, I was like shocked!
it was awesome :)

Unknown said...

Congrats. That is very exciting!

Tyler-BabyLuxDesign said...

WOW...those look fantastic. So proud of you!!! xoxo