Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Safari Girl

Every girl loves herself some animal print, right? I think it adds pizazz to any outfit! I wore this "safari inspired" outfit to a fun little bar in Fullerton, Ca called Heroes Bar & Grill. It was so fun and relaxed, but the coolest part was that the servers give you peanuts before your meal and you just throw the peanut shells on the definitely created a "relaxed" bar atmosphere. 

What did I wear?
Shoes: Steve Madden Skirt&Belt: Forever21 Bando: Downtown LA
Watch: Michael Kors Feathers: Chloe's Boutique Jewelry: Vintage
But anyways...can you believe Summer is almost over? I don't know if I'm all that ready to go back to school. But it was bound to happen sometime. What did you all do for Summer this year?

xo Kait


angelieeee said...

beautiful bracelets! and OMG! your hair looks awesome!
you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

Jo said...

wow, your hair is AMAZING!
your blog's so much fun, too. definitely following.

jo @

onesixthreechirp said...

Amazing maxi dress! :D


hey girl!!

nive outfit, we love it!!!

especially the shoess

x hajar et mounia

Ninja said...

I love the hippie-vibe this outfit puts out :) And that hair! My god :) I am too envious for words.

xxx irinja (

Chicca said...

Love your safari look, so stylish!!!

wardrobezdaily. said...

your hair is so long and pretty! love the dress

Noelia said...

wowowowowow. Your hair is so loooovely!
The dress is too beautiful and you are very gorgeous in the pics!

Mary and Dyer said...

You look sooooo cute I can't even take it! I would have never thought to pair something like that together but it looks AWESOME!! You look so, so pretty and your hair is amazing (even though I think I've said that everytime I've commented on your posts :) )

Kat said...

Just found your blog, love this post. I think leopard is such a cool trend, one of my faves right now and perfect with the aviator glasses. You look really pretty and the most perfect hair. I had to laugh about the peanut shell restaurant, once in college I was dating a really messy guy and his place was always dirty so I was in eating peanuts in his house one day and started throwing the shells on his floor like it was one of those kind of restaurants. haha, :)Following you now
I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

SAM said...

Cute top! You have such gorgeous hair.

The PvdH Journal said...

I agree, every girl loves some animal print! The dress looks gorgeous on you!


julianne. said...

you are gorgeous.
and your hair is just stunning.<3

Style Journey said...

Love some animal print! I think it's definitely a neutral and goes with anything! Your arm party with the bracelets is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress ,lovely

Clara Turbay said...

i like so much

Flashes of Style said...

Loveee the leopard print! <33



erin.marie said...

You look great! And I also love my animal print! You have gorgeous hair.


A said...

wow this outfit is fabulous, I love it!

Marta said...

You are sooo pretty and outfit is great xx

Fashion-Bridge said...

Love how you paired this skirt with leopard top and mixed the prints! Looks awesome!

PS. and your hair is GORGEOUS!



Plami said...

you look great! I love your hair color!

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Rianna said...

Really lovely skirt, looks gorgeous, just the type of print im into at the moment

Rianna xxxx

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! : ) I love the jewelry and your hair looks beautiful!

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keschen said...

omg, you have gorgeous hair.. and i love your dress. you look stunning :)


ps: i'm having a giveaway for a Casio Gold Watch so check it out if you like..

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful. nice outfit


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comment and for following us! : ) I love London too, it's a amazing city!

Of course we're following you back now!

Vale ♥ said...

You are simply stunning ! I like your safari outfit and your hair is so beautiful ! :)
If you want we could follow each other, if you like my blog that is ! If you do it let me know so I can follow back ! Kisses

Fashion and Cookies

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice skirt and your hair looks amazing!!

Kat said...

i absolutely adore this look!!!! love this!!! :) im following your blog! hope you can follow me back ^-^

Mia M. said...

a lot of people said it before but your hair is amazing! so so so beautiful!



Anonymous said...

love how you styled this f21 maxi dress :) too cute!

Unknown said...

Love your outfit!
We're total hair twins =D

♥ Gina Michele

Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

WOW ! your hair is amazing!!!!!!!

xx love from London

Gemma said...

Damn, you hair!!! I like the colours, its curls!!! Very gorgeous,my congrats!
I also like so much your style, it's great!

Cheap is Chic

Megan Elizabeth Rose said...

love your skirt!!! and your hair for that matter! Great blog!

Cara said...

Love these shots...your hair is absolutely AMAZING!!
Happy weekend,
xo Cara

menina elegante said...

Cute leopard top! :) x

Miss Aggie Kwong said...

amazing blog! must follow.

ur hair is so nice and love the safari prints.

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Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

Irene's Closet said...

Looove your skirt :)


Fanny Jimenez said...

Hi sweety, i just discover your blog & i'm fascinated with your hair, it's beautifull!!!! love that animal print dress :)
Would you like we follow each other? i hope so!!!

KISSES from Spain!
Estefanía J.

Dilan Dilir said...

your top is awsome and so is the background of your blog :)

MARINA said...

your hair is amazing! :)
especially the colour of your hair ,)
love your outfit.

Kristel Louisa said...

Your hair is totally amazing! You're so beautiful. You look stunning in this outfit.

en la moda

Andrea said...

Your HAIR!! I hope you never cut it, its gorgeous.

Vani said...

Love the skirt!


Amanda {} said...

dang are sassy! love how you layered all of the bangles and bracelets!!
the animal print is fun with the colors of the maxi dress!! and i totally love the feathers!!


Juli Photo Diary said...


Northern Style Exposure said...

Cute! Love the bangles

sooz said...

omg you have the prettiest hair ever! love the look :)

Anonymous said...

Wow those are some luscious locks you're sporting. If you were blonde, I'd call you Rapunzel :)

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

cherry ripe time

Anonymous said...

these pictures are great!<3

Kotryna said...

Beautiful outfit:}

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I absolutely love your outfit! Great job mixing the patterns together!

SecretFashionLove said...

I´m really like your Blog.
xx J.

Sarah M. said...

Oh my gosh what do you do to your hair??!! It's amazing - such great length, shine and colour! Please do a post on it - I'm dying to get my hair to look like that! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

xx from Montreal,

I Bleed Fashion

michelle_ said...

you have such amazing hair !

M said...

looking good!! i love the outfit! the pattern really suits you :D
gorgeous blog!

TheeFknGoddess said...

All that hair! Im jealous. Very pretty :)

The Odd and Chic said...

great hair. great outfit. loves!


Nesrine said...

This skirt is so pretty.
I love the background of your blog !

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

wow! you have really pretty hair! and i totally agree-- every girl needs a little animal print. :)

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

Harija said...

cute outfit and love the maxi skirt =) Would you like to follow each other!