Friday, February 14, 2014

love is in the air. . .

Whether you are celebrating with a significant other, loved one, friend or bottle of wine…Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. While chocolate, roses and teddy bears are nice, let's be honest; they get old and you don't want your valentine to think that you ran to the drugstore on your way home from work. Plus who doesn't love a little romance…and this holiday IS for the both of you.

So if you are stuck on where to go or what to do, I think with a little help from me you will be ready to celebrate the most "romantic" day of the year… 

Where are you and your sweetheart going to go? Is it going to be somewhere romantic?  Do you even want to leave the house? Are you going to want to spend a ton of money? Is it going to be at night or during the day? Do you want to relive old memories?

Here are some ideas that might help you answer those haunting questions:

For the hopeless romantic: Dinner & Jacuzzi

We know that romance is high on the list of priorities, so treat your lover to the most romantic night of the year. Make reservations at one of the hottest places in town, where the lights are dim, candles are lit and service is excellent. Head home to your jacuzzi making sure you prepared with lots of candles, chocolate and good tunes. 
(Don't have a jacuzzi…take it to the tub)

For the homebody: Home Cooked Meal & A Romantic Movie

Not to worry, sometimes staying home can be the most fun; who wants to fuss with last minute reservations anyways. A low-key Valentine’s Day can be every bit as special as an expensive dinner & roses. Find a meal that you both enjoy, pick your poison *cough cough wine, beer, etc.*, agree on a hot steamy movie and viola! You got yourself a relaxed and romantic Valentine's Day in.  

For the penny pincher: Board Games & IOU's

It's completely understandable, sometimes money is tight and elaborate dates just aren't feasible. Sometimes each other's company is enough to make any Valentine's Day fun. So bring out those board games and make each other IOU coupon books with favors. Everyone loves a good bargain that gets 'em a back rub, home cooked meal, dinner and a movie, day at the beach, etc. 

For the day celebrator: Picnic At a Park & Stroll Through an Cool Town

If your lover enjoys day activities or your tight on time, just set up a gourmet picnic with elaborate cheeses, fruits, crackers, beverages and sweets. Grab a blanket and find your closest park or beach and get eating. If weather is not on your side that day, not a problem just set the picnic up in your living room! After your done devouring the food find a cool town that you both have never been and enjoy the shops and each others company.

For the night owl: Do Some Dirty Dancing & Midnight Treats

Do you and your hunny love to party? Then you must love dancing too… Get dolled up, grab your valentine and head to your favorite dance club or lounge. Spend the evening getting your grooves on. After your done dancing and have worked up an appetite go grab a midnight treat…milkshakes and burgers for you both.

For the nostalgic type: Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Depending on how long you lovers have been a pair this one could get a little tricky, because let's face it we all forget things. Revisiting the past can be fun and may even relight that flame… So make reservations at that little restaurant, rent the same movie you watched after dinner, or take a walk down that same broad walk.

xo misskait
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