Saturday, July 27, 2013

weekend getaway essentials

 since i'll be headed to palm springs for phillip's birthday, i thought it would be fun to share what essentials i take along w/ me when i go away for the weekend so here are the things i can't go without.
i have been loving pantene's leave-in conditioner & the tangle teezer. not only do these babies make my hair soft but they keep my hair from frizzing up and let's face it while you're on vacation you should let your skin and hair relax too! 
my next fav. is palmer's bb okay this stuff is not only great but it's actually light enough for my skin tone, meaning i don't look like an oompa-loompa (hooray!)
to stay moisturized from head to toe, i can't go anywhere without my trader joes body butter & skinfare stick, it's like hydration to the max. the skinfare stick is especially great because you can use it on you lips, dry skin, sunburns...(basically anything)
electronic wise, i always take my iPhone, iPad and mophie charging iPhone case with me to keep me occupied by the pool & the mophie is the best charging case ever, it has up to 2 full charges in that thing! 

so thanks for reading & sorry it was a little word heavy! 
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from left to right:
urban outfitters bag - bath & body body spray - banana boat sunscreen - pantene leave-in conditioner - iPad - ray ban aviators - iPhone - rainbow sandals - tangle teezer - skinfare stick - lush lip scrub - trader joes coconut body butter - palmer BB cream - mophie charger iPhone 4s case - beach cover up 
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Amanda {} said...

totally weekend getaway essentials!! Have a blast in Palm Springs!


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