Thursday, April 25, 2013

SPRING TAG: Coco and Vera & Dollar Foolish, Closet Wise

so how cool is this...a dear blogger friend of mine Coco and Vera and i decided it would be cool to start a spring tag amongst the blogger-sphere! i found out about tags through the youtubers i am obsessed with! basically they create a series of questions and tag other bloggers in the video in hopes that they then continue the tag! we thought what the heck, let's make it a blogger thing?
and next week make sure you check out Coco and Vera's blog because she will be featuring myself and my blogger love Feast.Fashion.Faves

Coco and Vera
A Vancouver-based fashion blogger living her dream in Paris.
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What's your favorite Spring look?
Dress - H&M
Sweater - J. Crew
Heels - Zara
Bag - Artessorio (from Boticca)
Bracelets - Aldo
What is your favorite Spring trend? 
This is going to sound crazy coming from a girl who is best known for wearing tulle skirts, but I'm really excited about sneakers this season. They've come to Europe in a big way and everyone seems to be stocking up on fun, stylish pairs. Personally, I've been looking at low-top Vans in coral and classic white Chuck Taylors.
How do you plan to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? or do you go out and by new pieces and lose the chunky sweaters?

I live in a tiny apartment, so I do my best to buy pieces that I can wear year round - I don't have space to store separate, seasonal wardrobes. The first thing I do when spring hits is put my opaque tights away for the year and break out my pastels. I recently invested in a pair of white jeans, and I love pairing them with pastels.
What item in your wardrobe are you most excited to start wearing again now that spring is here?
Rather than being excited to wear something, I'm really excited to be able to go without a coat! I only have one - tiny apartment syndrome again - and wearing it day in and day out all winter gets boring quickly. I put it away for the season the other day and I couldn't have been happier!
What brand's spring collection has you most excited?
Just one? It would be impossible to pick. I'm loving the collaboration between French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers and Canadian designer Calla Haynes; the beachy sweaters from Left on Houston and all of the classic, elegant pieces from Sezane.

Dollar Foolish, Closet Wise
A fashion and make-up addict who believes style should not be defined by your waist size... or your bank account.
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What's your favorite Spring look?
Jacket - Mackage
Blouse - Rachel Mara
Jeans - Gap
Sandals & Clutch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Aldo
What is your favorite Spring trend? 
I have two actually. I am in love with both the lucite and transparency trends. I’ve loved lucite in jewelry pieces from designers such as Alexis Bittar and seeing it taken one step further in either footwear or handbags is really exciting! What I really appreciate about the transparency trend is the ability it has to allow you to reveal some of yourself, but in a hidden and somewhat mysterious way.
How do you plan to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? Or do you go out and by new pieces and lose the chunky sweaters?
Living in Vancouver, I don’t know that I ever give up the chunky sweaters – even during spring months! The mornings are usually quite cool, but by lunch, some days you could lose the jacket you left the house with in the morning! I’ve ditched my wool coat in favor of my leather jacket or trench over these last few days. On brisk, but sunny days, I like pairing a knit sweater with a brighter bottom half and nude pumps. It allows me to keep warm, but still show the world that I’m ready for the warmer weather and ready to ditch my head-to-toe black (at least for a while). It’s normally this time of year that I’m ready to pair my silky, summery tanks under blazers, or the odd cardigan.
What item in your wardrobe are you most excited to start wearing again now that spring is here?
Growing up in the prairies, you’re more or less forced into wearing socks and boots for a good 6 months. I’ve since traded living in a city where winter boots are a must, to a city where rain boots are a must! Because of this, each year I can hardly wait to break out my sandals! Regardless of temperatures (but mindful of rainy forecasts, of course), as soon as the first official day of spring arrives, I welcome the opportunity to wear sandals.
What brand's spring collection has you most excited?
There were many beautiful spring ’13 collections, but I’d have to say my favorite one was Calvin Klein. I loved the fact that waists were defined, dress lengths were lady-like and silhouettes were reminiscent of something vintage. Calvin Klein seemed to really grasp the art of transparency, with nearly every piece incorporating sheer fabrics. Seeing the collection served as a great reminder that it isn’t always about loose, over-sized pieces…hidden under all of that are curves we’ve been given - to show off!
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Cee said...

Yay! Loving this feature, miss - can't wait to get mine up later this week :)

The Key To Chic said...

I love this feature, as it introduces me to new bloggers! Both have super cute style!

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Lilli said...

They both got a great style, beautiful feature and post idea! xo

Maiken said...

I just came from Cee's blog and loved that post! :) both looks are beautiful. very different but awesome in their own way. Cee's delicate and classic ensemble is just so "her" and the other lady's look is something I really dig too, because of the leather jacket and all that leopard, one of my fave prints :P

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Unknown said...

love the lace dress,love love

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