Tuesday, August 14, 2012

it's time i come back again

what we wore?
sister...dress: ross purse: forever21 sunnies: ray bans
me...shirt: urban outfitters skirt: foreign exchange shoes: michael kors bag: vintage

what we wore?
sister...dress: boutique in Greece belt: vintage watch: michael kors shoes: nordstrom rack
me...dress: foreign exchange watch: fossil shoes: boutique in Venice
what we wore?
sister...tank: victoria secret skirt: boutique sweater: h&m shoes: tory burch
me...top: american apparel shorts: h&m shoes: rainbows bag: longchamp
so i may have let you all down, but i sure hope not. i caught a case of the uninspired bug and it was killing me. i just didn't want you all to have to see my be drab instead of fab. i also am learning that sometimes taking time away from the computer is a good thing...considering school is about to start and i will be spending WAY TOO MUCH time on it then. the break was good and gave me time to think about where i want my blog to go and what changes i want to make. (i hope you bear with me and help hold my hand while i try and figure things out)
haha, and yeah these pictures are from about a month ago while i was still dreaming in venice...someone want to take me back, my bags are packed? it was the most beautiful, romantic, blissful, darling, rich, cultured, charming and jaw-dropping place on this earth (and no that was not me exaggerating!) and aren't my sister and mom just the most gorgeous girls ever! 
hope you enjoy the photos. and well all i have to say is it feels good to be back. 

xo much love and hugs,


Emily said...

I definitely understand! You and your sister are gorgeous, and Venice is just beautiful! That's definitely going on my "Places-to-go" list!

jennifer said...

Soo many great summer outifits in this post! Your new blog layout looks great too Xo


Beatrice Balaj said...

I am JEALOUS!! I've been everywhere in Europe, except for France, Italy, and Greece. Have fun!! :)

The photos look great!


Cee said...

I just cannot get over how beautiful these photos are - they just make me want to escape to sunny Italy and never come back :) Sorry to hear you've been feeling uninspired, but I think we all go through periods of that; we just feel more pressure about it when we have a blog and want to be sharing things all the time. There's nothing worse that putting things out there that you're not fully proud of, so good for you for taking time away when you needed it :) I love that you came back with a whole new layout, your blog is looking fabulous!

Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

amazing photos love! I hope things get more inspiring for you :)Well, I'm inspired to travel...by YOU!

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oomph. said...

glad you are back and hopefully feeling inspired. Missed seeing you around the blogosphere, although I've been seeing you around on instagram! Hope all is well.


Lia said...

OMG! You and your sister are just sunshines! Smiled while looking at your photos))