Monday, April 9, 2012

the easter bunny came

 i hope everyone had a splendid easter! i sure did...and the easter bunny even hopped over to my house, hehe. i'll never be too old for the easter bunny, i mean after all he does bring me lots of fun little goodies! 
my easter weekend was full of fun, family, and phillipp and i wouldn't have it any other way. i got to go home on thursday and spend 4 days with my family, so nice...i didn't want monday to ever come! i truly love spending such good times with my family...i bet you all do too? heheh these are the photos from my easter sunday, and i have to admit, i giggle at these photos because my family looks like a yummy bag of jelly beans(: 
how did you spend your easter weekend?

millions of kisses
xo kaitlin


Morgan Brooks said...

I am so glad you had a lovely easter. This pictures are wonderful. I just found your blog, and it is an absolute joy. You are so beautiful and talented.

Morgan Brooks said...

This is such a lovely post. I am so happy you had a wonderful Easter. These pictures are the greatest and so is your blog. So happy I stumbled upon it today!

Michelle said...

Aww, you have such a cute family! That's the one thing I love about holidays, spending it with the family :D

brittany - moccasin run said...

looks like you had a great time with your family! i love all your easter colored outfits :) u and your sister look so much a like!

i wasn't with my family this year, but i was in california - so i can't complain!



Beatrice Balaj said...

Such a beautiful family!! You're so beautiful. Now following :)


Caroline said...

I'm still so convinced your red hair looks absolutely stunning on you, darling, wow :)

Sweet kisses,

Anastasia said...

I spent Easter at London alone..:(
At least I had free time to go sightseeing! I love how happily dressed your whole family is :)

Unknown said...

easter at your place looks peachy! that top really brings out your eye color, it looks amazing!!

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Pich and Roor said...

you loo beautiful!! That shade of turquoise looks amazing on you :)

Celia Aranda said...

Amazing pics!
I love your sisters outfit! and omg you look great!
You have such a cute family :D

wieneragnes said...

Hi, your blog is great. :)
I really like it. :)

pashionn said...

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It's awesome. :)
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Ma Rouge said...

Your blog is awesome. :)
You got a new reader. :)
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oomph. said...

You guys look so GOOD! Glad you guys had a nice Easter.


Caisa {casa de caisa} said...

love, love, love your outfit!

Little Tranquility said...

That blue shirt matches your eyes! SO pretty!!!