Monday, June 20, 2011

Adventures At The Licensing Expo

This past week I was given the amazing opportunity to go to Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo!  It was a blast and I learned a lot about myself and that I am the definition of "One BAD Packer." I mean yeah I'm a girl and what girl doesn't love clothes but I mean I LITERALLY overpacked for the entire trip.  In my last blog post I showed you the outfits I was going to bring and let me tell you, I think I might have worn 3 of those...the rest stayed nicely folded in my suitcase.  OF COURSE!
It was a blast otherwise and I can now say that I will be a much smarter packer.  So what did I do on my trip?  Well I was able to be sort of the photographer for the Expo.  It was in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and man is that place huge.  I was definitely in the wrong mind set when I said, Oh I'll be fine in heels....WRONG!
So I just thought I would share some of my awesome pictures with you all.  Let me know what you think :)