Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Obsession!

Just one of the many Dolce & Gabbana collections this App has! It looks amazing right?
One of Christian Dior's collections featured on this App!
I'm obsessed literally obsessed! I can't put my iPad down because of's App it has almost any designers collection you can think of and so much more.  With insights of the hottest and trendiest parties to video's and feedback from viewers, it truly is amazing.  I stumbled on this App a while ago but never really had the time to just sit down and see what it was all about, yet now that I explored's app it has become dangerous.  Having papers to write and speeches to prepare it probably isn't too much of a good thing that I have a distraction like this in my desk...
The best part is it goes all the way back to collections for 2000, which is crazy because you have to like dig on the internet to find that, it's literally all the fashion at my fingertips.  Of course looking at every ensemble I find myself wanting to have almost every piece, this could be dangerous.  Well anyways I should get back to my work, I'll post more later on my AMAZING trip to Solvang this last weekend.!!
PS. if you have an iPad and LOVE fashion I majorly suggest you download it, you will not regret it.

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